Research for quality

A network of researchers for pushing Software Quality Assurance in Microservice-DevOps engineering

Testing is the key

For a context-driven, in-vivo and risk-based assessment for uDevOps paradigms

A mindset shift

To place testing as cornerstone between DEV and OPS

What is µDevOps about

An H2020 Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE) project:

During 4 years the 6 partners will work together to promote research, development and intense knowledge/skills exchange to foster towards key advances in the µDevOps SQA field.

How does µDevOps work

We’ll form an international and inter-sectoral research network via bidirectional secondments focusing on SQA for µDevOps engineering processes in 4 key drivers – Context Learning via AI/ML, Continuous in vivo testing for service-based software in agile/DevOps processes, and risk assessment.

What will µDevOps produce

We’ll produce know-how and breakthroughs for novel products, methodologies and services and create strategic bases to deal with SQA challenges in modern software production practices.
All will conflate into a testing process and a cloud-based Development & Testing as a Service tool for continuously providing quantitative figures of the incurred business risk associated with reliability, performance and security failures.


Latest News

@PanelSistemas provided a very interesting workshop on Zahori, thank you! Stay tuned on Meetup for more

CINI has partecipated to the European Researchers’ Night, an event that aim to bring research and researchers closer to the public and to promote excellent research projects across Europe and beyond. Read more

First project year completed. Two knowledge-sharing teams ran about 20 person-months of secondments, and involved 22 researchers so far.

CINI – PANEL mutual secondments are working on automatic test generation and on prioritizing regression tests

VU – PANEL secondments working on sustainability concerns and monitoring tools

UAH and KIT secondments to SILENSEC working on security and tickets feedback cycles improvement

First secondment of CINI at PANEL

Meet our Researchers

Miguel Angel NICOLAO

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement No 871342